Alliance Electroplaters provides high-volume zinc electroplating services in Melbourne, catering to a wide range of industries, including but not limited to automotive, hardware, building, mining, furniture and general engineering applications.

Zinc Electroplating provides corrosion resistance to the steel component by acting as a barrier and a sacrificial coating.


Zinc electroplating is a method of depositing zinc metal on the surface of another metal, such as steel, by immersing the steel component in an appropriate plating bath and applying an electrical current. Zinc travels through the electrolytic bath from the zinc anodes and attaches to the surface of the steel component. The thickness of zinc plating depends on the time spent in the plating bath, the amount of current, and the chemical composition of the bath

The performance of the zinc coating is determined from the required electroplating standard or specification that is nominated by the end user. The performance requirement differs greatly from industry to industry. The standard or specification details information such as zinc thickness, chromate coatings, salt spray performance and other quality requirements.

Depending on the desired colour, corrosion resistance and paint adhesion, you can choose between standard zinc and trivalent zinc coatings.

Zinc is more electrochemically reactive than steel, so when exposed to a corrosive environment, the zinc plating corrodes sacrificially, delaying rust formation on the steel component.

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Our Finishes and Services

Zinc Electroplating

Zinc Electroplating provides corrosion resistance to the steel component by acting as a barrier and a sacrificial coating.


Zinc Nickel

Zinc nickel plating offers incredibly high corrosion protection and more wear resistance in moving parts that generate intense friction.

Barrel Nickle Plating

Barrel nick plating is essential for applications where corrosion protection is mandatory.

Florentine Bronze

Florentine Bronze is a very versatile finish which can be applied to every metal to give them a ‘raw’ finish and add a protective layer of coating.

Pickle & Oil

Pickling is the treatment of metallic objects to remove dust, scale, rust, and other impurities from their surface.

Dip Spin Coatings

Dip spin coating method is applicable to most parts, there are different coatings available from clear coats, colours and torques friction coatings.

Hydrogen De-Embrittlement

During the cleaning and acid pickling process of electroplating, atomic hydrogen can be absorbed through the surface of the metal component

Metal Coating Thickness Testing

Metal coatings are an essential component for protecting the objects from corrosion and other damages.

Salt Spray Testing

Neutral Salt Spray Testing is a common method to check the corrosion resistance of objects over time.

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