About Us

Alliance Electroplaters specialise in the surface treatment of metals.

Established in 1985, we electroplate components using the rotating barrel process of electroplating.

Providing our services to various industries, such as automotive, electrical, fasteners, hardware, building, furniture, general and repetition engineering.

Alliance Electroplaters specialise in high volume barrel zinc plating and coatings to Australian Standards or Specific Industry Specifications.

Complimenting our electroplating services we also offer Hydrogen De Embrittlement, Thickness Testing, Torque & Tension Testing, Neutral Salt Spray Testing and Packaging Services.

Alliance Electroplaters are an approved automotive applicator for threaded and non threaded components.

Alliance Electroplaters can provide a pickup and delivery service.

Alliance Electroplaters is a Quality Endorsed Company accredited to JAS-ANZ , AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 and working towards full Endorsement for Environmental Systems to AS/ANZS ISO 14001:2004.

Alliance Electroplaters has a dedicated team, who are customer focused and take pride in providig a high quality and reliable service.